What I’ve Been Making

What does one do when the words escape them and there is a block in the writer’s mind? Show pictures, of course.

I have been working on orders lately and I have had difficulty finding the words to write a blog post. You know, sometimes you have days where you can’t seem to function and all you want to do is sit with a warm cup of tea and knit. I have been having those moments.

However, I want to show you a few things that I have been working on, in addition to a lovely blog that featured my shop. Here it is…



Do you remember this?

Well, that ball of yarn became this:


And my springtime line, featuring knitted jewelry has made its debut. Check a few pieces out:


grey knitted necklace by French Soul Knittery


What do you think?


Also, a lovely blogger in France featured my shop in her ‘Special Feature Friday’ Series. I want to thank Aisha for featuring my shop and taking interest in my products. Thank you so much!

Check out the blog!


How have you welcomed spring?



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