Enjoying Spring!

I have a mission to enjoy spring as much as possible.  It has been beautiful over here and I have taken full advantage of it.  I went to Branch Brook Park’s annual cherry blossom festival and this is what greeted me upon arrival. 







How beautiful is nature?  This is what makes life worth living. 🙂


New Items Added to the Baby Line!

So, I have been busy creating more baby items for the baby line that is currently available in the shop. Right now, I have been knitting baby beanies for newborns and infants 0-3 months. Here are a few photos of the items that are available in the French Soul Knittery shop. As always, if you are looking for something special for your little one, contact me or go directly to the shop.




The knitted newborn beanie in teal and dark.




The knitted newborn hat in teal and light grey.


This Super Soft Baby Hat comes in three colors:




Light Brown.




Soft black and grey.




Light Blue and white ombre.


And, if you want something shiny for your bundle of joy…..




The silver baby hat with glitter detail.


All of these are at the shop and are just looking for the right home. Each and every one of these are handmade by me.

I hope you like!



Knitting is the Best Medicine

Blog post1



There was a great article on CNN’s website on the importance of knitting and how the process can help your mental health. Knitting is very relaxing and it allows you to focus on one specific thing versus being anxious about things you can’t control or being worried about things to come. In the article, the subject, Sarah had a very difficult time dealing with the death of a loved one. The repetitive action of knitting allowed her to get through those difficult days and focus only on crafting.

Being a knitwear designer has changed my perception on the craft a little. Not only do I knit for myself now, I primarily knit for others and with that comes more responsibility and more joy.

I get the relaxing feeling when I knit but I get an even greater feeling knowing that I am knitting an item that is being sent to someone else. The CNN article continues to point out that knitting can be a possible natural anti-depressant and the action of knitting is similar to meditation.

Imagine, sitting in your home on a quiet Sunday morning, the sun shinning brightly into your living space. You sit there with a ball of yarn on one side and a pair of needles in your hands. Isn’t that an amazing feeling? Doesn’t it sound like your cares can just melt away?


What do you think about that CNN article on the power of knitting?

Joining Etsy and What I Learned About Myself and My Business


Before I decided to join Etsy as a business owner, I would venture on the site to see the latest items and window shop what they had to offer. When I was getting married, going on Etsy was a thrill for me because I saw so many beautiful handmade items that I wanted to purchase for my wedding. Fast-forward two years and I am here on Etsy, doing what I saw others do – selling. I thought long and hard before I made the leap to join the website. I wanted to make sure I was ready to dedicate a very large portion of my life to this website, to my shop and to the business side of my business. In November of 2013, I joined Etsy and I haven’t looked back since. Now as a seller on the site, I have learned a variety of things that can either help or discourage others from putting their business on the website. Granted I’m just six months in as a seller and I have so much more to learn. However, here is what I learned so far…

  • Don’t rely on Etsy to help your business. Yes, this is a big one for me and for others. Many have to understand that the site is just a marketplace that houses several million businesses for buyers to peruse and hopefully buy from. I had to learn very early on that you have to make the effort to get your business and your product out there. Yes, the website already has guaranteed following but I am competing with thousands of businesses that sell a variation of what I offer and I knew I had to do something to stand out. PR is king, wherever you are.
  • Its HARD. Did I say, its hard! Its appealing to see other businesses up there and you see that are selling so much and you automatically think that you will have the same success, WRONG! Starting a business is extremely difficult but joining Etsy is whole other beast. Not only do you have to create a product that people will love, but you have to make sure you have beautiful high quality photos to show your products, in addition to listing each product. It has to be perfect, if you want to succeed.
  • Being consistent is key. Its important to always add items to your shop and to improve on the listings that are already there. My best advice would be to constantly update product descriptions, shipping and shop policies. Its important to have information so your customers know what to expect.
  • You will have the opportunity to share your passion with the world. I still get goosebumps thinking that people actually like and enjoy what I have to offer. I’m constantly over the moon thinking that my knitwear has gone to places like Sweden and Australia and all over the US. I’m extremely grateful to everyone who has shown interest in my product and everyone who has purchased a handmade item from me. Selling your products, sharing your passion is the most rewarding aspect of going into business.


If I have missed any pointers please don’t hesitate to comment below. I would love to learn from other business owners out there who have more experience than I. How do you run your business? Do you use this website that I mentioned above or do you use something else?


What I’ve Been Making

What does one do when the words escape them and there is a block in the writer’s mind? Show pictures, of course.

I have been working on orders lately and I have had difficulty finding the words to write a blog post. You know, sometimes you have days where you can’t seem to function and all you want to do is sit with a warm cup of tea and knit. I have been having those moments.

However, I want to show you a few things that I have been working on, in addition to a lovely blog that featured my shop. Here it is…



Do you remember this?

Well, that ball of yarn became this:


And my springtime line, featuring knitted jewelry has made its debut. Check a few pieces out:


grey knitted necklace by French Soul Knittery


What do you think?


Also, a lovely blogger in France featured my shop in her ‘Special Feature Friday’ Series. I want to thank Aisha for featuring my shop and taking interest in my products. Thank you so much!

Check out the blog!


How have you welcomed spring?