I Wrote a Book!!

15. Write a book

– From my ’30 before 30′ post

It was always my dream to write and publish a series of books and now it has come to fruition. My first poetry book is being released this month and I’m super excited.

Sometimes I feel like the best poetry I write comes from times of stress and anxiety and you might feel that when reading my book.

I will post more information on the book, as I get it. I know this blog has nothing to do with writing but I included that dream in my “30 before 30” post.

Thank you again for your support.





We are sixteen days into the new year and things are looking up. I feel more happiness in this new year than past years and it is all due to planning my life the way I want it. I know – some people would say that plans don’t always work out or the old saying, “If you want to see God laugh, make plans. ” However, plans are great because it gives you a reason, a purpose to go with life.

So I say PLAN EVERYTHING! Enjoy shaping the life you want to live!


My 2014 Goals: Wake Up With The Sun

One of the things that I need most in my life is the ability to be more productive and make the most of my day. I have been reading countless articles that state the benefits of waking up early and taking control of your mornings. Mornings are so undervalued and we fail to take advantage of them. As stated in an earlier post, new years resolutions will not be made but goals will be put in place. One of my goals for 2014 is to wake up earlier and make the most of the hours when the sun shines the brightest.

Waking up at 6am seems to be very doable for me and it should be a new experience that I hope I enjoy. I have spent years being a night owl and I have found waking up in the mornings to be very difficult.

I think waking up early in the mornings will undoubtedly help me be more productive, will make me outline my goals more definitively and ensure that the most important tasks are completed earlier in the day.

I also believe that waking up early will benefit me as an entrepreneur. As a new business owner, I need all of the hours of the day to build and acquire interest. I hope that my early mornings will help my shop and myself as a business woman.

This new initiative should also reach all of you who are struggling to fit all of your tasks in and who desire to have more fruitful and productive lives.

Just imagine what we can do with a few more hours on this earth.

Here’s to waking up with the sun. Who’s with me?!


What I Make…..



Since starting this blog, I forgot one crucial piece of information that I should have shared since the beginning. I want to share a few items I make with you. I knit items that I would enjoy and I hope that others would as well. The latest trends are always on my mind but they are never the sole focus of what I do.

My knitting is a bit contemporary than the creations of my grandmother and that’s what makes it special. I’m honoring the memory of her creativity but putting my spin and flair in everything that I do.

Its true, there are hundreds of knitters out there but that doesn’t deter me from creating and sharing. I am a believer that there is an abundance in this universe of ours that provides for all of us. I enjoy imagining, designing and creating because its in my blood and soul. I love what I do and I’m so elated that others are loving it too.

If you have yet to see my items, go the shop and explore. There is something for everyone and you are bound to see something you like. If not, message me and maybe we can create something custom for you.

Forever grateful,

Ashley 🙂

The Post Where I Show My Gratitude and Reflect on the New Year to Come!


I started my business in November and I am so grateful for all of the support so far. I started my business with two things in mind: to get closer to a spirit I had lost and to follow my dreams by taking my life in my own hands. When I clicked that “Open Shop” button, I never thought that I would have my first sale that same month.  I was equal parts nervous, excited and frightened.


I knit because I enjoy it and because I believe I can create items that people enjoy. I show my gratitude to the individuals in Sweden, Texas, New Jersey, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York and Minnesota; who have been my first customers. I thank you for showing interest in my product and liking it so much to purchase it. I thank you.

With the new year quickly approaching, there is so much to reflect on. There are some things that I want to leave in 2013 and things that I hope to see happen in 2014. I strive to continue to make knitted items that people enjoy. I want a successful business that truly gives back and provides joy. Whenever a new year emerges, I always make New Year’s Resolutions and later I find that I have broken them. This year, resolutions will not be made for I promise to act on anything  I want. I believe that you have to dedicate yourself to act to get what you want in life. The year 2014 is the year of ACTION.

Let’s all promise to act on our wants, hopes and dreams; to make this life worth living.

Let’s pledge to make 2014, the year of action.

I wish everyone a very Happy New Year and I hope 2014 shows you success, happiness and love.