30 Before 30

  1. Travel to 5 different countries
  2. Start a family
  3. Open a pop up shop
  4. Sell French Soul Knittery knitwear in Brick and Mortar Stores
  5. Live in a different state
  6. Completely work for my self
  7. Direct a movie
  8. Cook a four-course meal
  9. Learn French
  10. Sell at a craft fair
  11. Open a business
  12. Start a youtube channel
  13. Be exhibited at an art gallery
  14. Design and sew my own wardrobe
  15. Write a book
  16. Visit the top of the Empire State Building (I can’t believe I haven’t done that yet, especially since I live within the Tri-state! Lol)
  17. Renew my vows
  18. Visit Niagara Falls
  19. Grow French Soul Knittery
  20. Inspire other female entrepreneurs
  21. Go rock climbing
  22. Go sky-diving
  23. Knit an entire wardrobe
  24. Go camping in the National Park
  25. Take a roadtrip
  26. Attend a conference
  27. Attend and Vend at Vogue Live! (Knitting Conference)
  28. Be featured in a magazine
  29. Teach knitting to children
  30. Plan and host a huge party

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