You Must Create!

You Must Create

The word create has so much power within it. It can generate an energy inside that causes you to take action. It can force you to reflect on your life and what you are doing on this earth. My version of the word “create” is powerful and inspirational. When I think about creating and creativity, I think about a responsibility that I think I have to continue with this path that I am on.

As many of you know, being an artist can be a necessary evil – the need to create but the inner confusion we may have when we decide to create. The lack of resources we may have or the lack of support we get from friends and family. Being creative and creating is something that we have to do but sometimes it’s a pain in the ass to do it.

The best part of our choices is that it will reward us ten-fold when we finally put our all into it. Building my business French Soul Knittery, made me realize that my passion is creating and I need to create to feel fulfilled and complete.

There are certain things that are mandatory in life for us to feel stable and secure but creativity is what makes us feel alive. Creativity and art is what makes us endure sleepless nights and hard work. Creativity is the true essence of life – at least that’s what I believe.

What jumpstarts your creativity?


The Definition of Knitwear in Springtime


As we spring our clocks forward for daylight savings time, I sit here thinking about my business and how to make it effective and viable for a new season.

Knitwear is usually placed in a certain category. When people think of Knitwear,  they think about winter,  scarves, gloves and hats. They think about cold.

As I am venturing into a new phase of my business I am starting to think about how incorporate knitwear into springtime. My goal is to get people to appreciate knitwear in spring,  in a fun and unique way.

So I ask you,  is there room for knitwear in the spring?