My Time As A Vendor at Artists and Fleas in Brooklyn NY


I had the pleasure of vending at my very first show at Artists and Fleas in Brooklyn NY.  It has been a learning experience – to say the least.

I had so much fun, I got to make friends with other vendors and I had the opportunity to learn what customers like and dislike.

All in all – I didn’t sell one thing. Instead of running home with my tail between my legs, I have decided to learn from the day and make the next time I vend even better.





I have learned that I need more items in my area. My booth consisted of a 6 foot table but I had more space around me that I could have utilized. 

I need to make more items. I had hats and earwarmers but I needed scarves, a lot of scarves. It was pretty chilly and I could have sold items if I had a range of scarves for customers to choose from.  I didn’t make a lot of scarves because this was my first market and I didn’t want to have too much inventory and no sales. That may have been my mistake.

I need to learn the art of selling. This was my first show and I had no idea what I was getting into. I have to learn the art of selling so my next market can be successful. 

I had a great time and I can cross this off my “30 before 30” list. 

Here’s to an awesome show next time!



Catch Me at Artists and Fleas on Sunday


Hey my NYC/New Jersey/Tri-state Area family!

French Soul Knittery will be a vendor at Artists and Fleas (in Williamsburg Brooklyn,  NYC) this Sunday, October 26th, 2014 from 10am – 7pm. 

Address: 70 North 7th St
Brooklyn, NY

Come say hi and check out the knitwear line in person! How great is that.

Would love to meet you all.

Spread the word.

– Ashley

Striking Things Off My ’30 Before 30′ List

29. Teach knitting to children


I’m checking things off of my list, slowly but surely. Here I am, teaching high school students how to loom knit for City Without Walls’ Yarn City Project. I am one of the teaching artist in residence at art gallery City Without Walls teaching students how to knit and create pieces to yarnbomb Newark’s Lincoln Park.

This is a great initiative and I’m so excited and so proud to be apart of it.

We are teaching the students how to loom knit as opposed to traditional knitting because it is faster and we have to create a certain amount of knitted pieces in a specific time-frame. Once the first phase of the project is completed, I will get them started on the traditional method of knitting.

Click here for more information on the initiative.


The Definition of Knitwear in Springtime


As we spring our clocks forward for daylight savings time, I sit here thinking about my business and how to make it effective and viable for a new season.

Knitwear is usually placed in a certain category. When people think of Knitwear,  they think about winter,  scarves, gloves and hats. They think about cold.

As I am venturing into a new phase of my business I am starting to think about how incorporate knitwear into springtime. My goal is to get people to appreciate knitwear in spring,  in a fun and unique way.

So I ask you,  is there room for knitwear in the spring?

Reading About Knitting and Other Jazz

As a new designer, I’ve learned that it is very important to constantly learn. While I use my own knowledge and skills in knitting, I find that it is always a great idea to learn new techniques.

For the month of February, there are a few books that I am currently reading and exploring. Most of the books are about knitting and others are basic craft and general interest.

Take a look:


The Knitted Alphabet is a fun book about knitting alphabets on knitwear. This book is great because it teaches you how to knit alphabets right into your project, without using extra materials. It is a great read and I learned so much in the short time I have been exploring it.


Have you ever wanted to learn different stitches but were having difficulty finding new ones? This book is super helpful and I can’t wait to try some of the new stitches.


Occasionally, I like reading inspirational phrases and quotes. I find that inspirational quotes get me motivated and it gets me thinking about the future, life and new possibilities. Great Sayings is not a book to read from cover to cover, its just a book to flip through and find sayings that speak to you on any given day.

It is so much fun to share what I’m reading with you.

What have you been reading lately? What is on your ‘must-read’ list?

Forever grateful,


Hello February!!


The second month of the year is here and it is a new opportunity to make the most of everything. There is so much that I am continuing to learn about the handmade industry and my business that I have taken some time to do more research and really focus on making the best it can be.

I am currently designing the spring collection of French Soul Knittery knitwear and I hope that you love it. Being a designer is such a new thing for me that the journey is a combination of excitement and fright. I will write later in the month on the process of designing and the best approach that I have taken.

Personally, things are great and ever-changing. My husband and I just celebrated our wedding anniversary and we have planned so much for this year that sometimes its hard to focus on both professional and personal aspects of life.

To all my uber-busy people out there, how do you balance your professional and personal lives? Do you find that you sacrifice one for the other?

How is your February so far? What are your plans for the month? Is there anything exciting that you are looking forward to?

See you soon!


My 2014 Goals: Wake Up With The Sun

One of the things that I need most in my life is the ability to be more productive and make the most of my day. I have been reading countless articles that state the benefits of waking up early and taking control of your mornings. Mornings are so undervalued and we fail to take advantage of them. As stated in an earlier post, new years resolutions will not be made but goals will be put in place. One of my goals for 2014 is to wake up earlier and make the most of the hours when the sun shines the brightest.

Waking up at 6am seems to be very doable for me and it should be a new experience that I hope I enjoy. I have spent years being a night owl and I have found waking up in the mornings to be very difficult.

I think waking up early in the mornings will undoubtedly help me be more productive, will make me outline my goals more definitively and ensure that the most important tasks are completed earlier in the day.

I also believe that waking up early will benefit me as an entrepreneur. As a new business owner, I need all of the hours of the day to build and acquire interest. I hope that my early mornings will help my shop and myself as a business woman.

This new initiative should also reach all of you who are struggling to fit all of your tasks in and who desire to have more fruitful and productive lives.

Just imagine what we can do with a few more hours on this earth.

Here’s to waking up with the sun. Who’s with me?!