Striking Things Off My ’30 Before 30′ List

29. Teach knitting to children


I’m checking things off of my list, slowly but surely. Here I am, teaching high school students how to loom knit for City Without Walls’ Yarn City Project. I am one of the teaching artist in residence at art gallery City Without Walls teaching students how to knit and create pieces to yarnbomb Newark’s Lincoln Park.

This is a great initiative and I’m so excited and so proud to be apart of it.

We are teaching the students how to loom knit as opposed to traditional knitting because it is faster and we have to create a certain amount of knitted pieces in a specific time-frame. Once the first phase of the project is completed, I will get them started on the traditional method of knitting.

Click here for more information on the initiative.



Don’t You Just Love Summer?!

Hey everyone!

I hope the first few days of summer were good to you and you had a blast in the sun with your friends and family.

I wanted to share a couple of EXCITING things with you that is going on. Super fun and super exciting:

French Soul Knittery was featured on a huge blog, catered to great women. Our knitted cotton necklace was styled by the lovely blogger of ‘Mommy in Heels’ and she looked fantastic with it on. Check out her post here:

So exciting!

The website is up and running, so I would love if you told me what you think! Would love the input. 🙂

And there is a sale! (Who doesn’t love a sale, right?) 20% off with the coupon code: Savings!

Happy Summer!







World Cup Excitement

I, along with millions of people around the world are excited for the world cup. Since the games started yesterday with Brazil battling Croatia and the Netherlands making a marvelous comeback against Spain today with a score of 5 to 1, I decided to celebrate the teams and my admiration for the game of soccer the best way I could, with knitting.

Here are is piece that can be considered World Cup inspiration (just because its bright and colorful):




This is available in Etsy shop.

P.S What team or teams are you rooting for? 🙂

All the best,


On The Needles : Pot Holder

Several weeks ago, I showed you all what I was making in my “On The Needles” post. Here, I am going to show what it looks like completed (minus the binding off process, which I will show in another post).

In the previous post, a lovely person asked me what I was making and I said “maybe a pot holder, we’ll see where it takes me.” Now, I am here to say that I in fact made a pot holder, a white pot holder at that! 🙂 (After I made it, I thought to myself, why did I make a light pot holder, its gonna get super dirty quick. LOL!)

Here are a few pictures of me knitting the pot holder:





I knitted this pot holder using the garter stitch. The ‘Garter Stitch’ is  the knit stitch going all the down the knitting project. The garter stitch is fun and very pretty, it creates a wave pattern within the project. This is a pattern and knitting stitch that I enjoy.

Here is what I had after I completed all of my stitches but didn’t bind off yet:



To make this simple pot holder, I cast on 19 stitches and I knitted 19 rows using the garter stitch.  This is a simple pot holder that can be used to place a small saucer, pot or kettle on.


What do you think? Show me your simple and super easy pot holders! 🙂


Knitting is the Best Medicine

Blog post1



There was a great article on CNN’s website on the importance of knitting and how the process can help your mental health. Knitting is very relaxing and it allows you to focus on one specific thing versus being anxious about things you can’t control or being worried about things to come. In the article, the subject, Sarah had a very difficult time dealing with the death of a loved one. The repetitive action of knitting allowed her to get through those difficult days and focus only on crafting.

Being a knitwear designer has changed my perception on the craft a little. Not only do I knit for myself now, I primarily knit for others and with that comes more responsibility and more joy.

I get the relaxing feeling when I knit but I get an even greater feeling knowing that I am knitting an item that is being sent to someone else. The CNN article continues to point out that knitting can be a possible natural anti-depressant and the action of knitting is similar to meditation.

Imagine, sitting in your home on a quiet Sunday morning, the sun shinning brightly into your living space. You sit there with a ball of yarn on one side and a pair of needles in your hands. Isn’t that an amazing feeling? Doesn’t it sound like your cares can just melt away?


What do you think about that CNN article on the power of knitting?