The Knit Stitch (Point of View: French Soul Knittery Edition)

I am taking part in the Writing 101 series that WordPress is having and today’s topic is Point of View. It is the point of view of all three characters. You can read the basis for the topic here. Here is my version of the theme; Point of View. Enjoy!

Jill and Evan were having a relaxing walk in the park when they saw an older woman knitting a small red sweater. When Evan saw this woman and what she was doing, he began to cry.


Evan thinking to himself, “Why can’t I stop crying when I see knitting needles. The gauge, the point, the effortless skill that the knitter possesses; why is it so hard for me? Those memories of knitting as a child in my home in Chile just brings tears to my eyes. If only I can bring myself to do it again, but that accident was too much to bear. I can’t start again.


“This is new to see Evan this way. Why would he cry over seeing a woman knit. If he wants to knit or get knitted items, we can always check out French Soul Knittery. Ashley always makes great stuff. My goodness, seeing my honey cry makes me sad. Showing such emotion………..over knitting.”


“Oh dear, why is that young man crying? Did I do something wrong? Are my stitches off? Does he not like the color red? So unusual yet so intriguing. I wonder if his grandmother used to knit. Was she as special to him as I am to my grandson? I remember knitting with my grandson and how much he loved it so.” She smiled. As the couple walked away, she disappeared into thin air, red sweater, needles and all.


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