On The Needles : Pot Holder

Several weeks ago, I showed you all what I was making in my “On The Needles” post. Here, I am going to show what it looks like completed (minus the binding off process, which I will show in another post).

In the previous post, a lovely person asked me what I was making and I said “maybe a pot holder, we’ll see where it takes me.” Now, I am here to say that I in fact made a pot holder, a white pot holder at that! 🙂 (After I made it, I thought to myself, why did I make a light pot holder, its gonna get super dirty quick. LOL!)

Here are a few pictures of me knitting the pot holder:





I knitted this pot holder using the garter stitch. The ‘Garter Stitch’ is  the knit stitch going all the down the knitting project. The garter stitch is fun and very pretty, it creates a wave pattern within the project. This is a pattern and knitting stitch that I enjoy.

Here is what I had after I completed all of my stitches but didn’t bind off yet:



To make this simple pot holder, I cast on 19 stitches and I knitted 19 rows using the garter stitch.  This is a simple pot holder that can be used to place a small saucer, pot or kettle on.


What do you think? Show me your simple and super easy pot holders! 🙂



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