What Happens When You Get a Year Older


The weekend before last, I turned a year older and I guess a year wiser. You start to reflect on your life on each birthday; wondering if you are doing everything right or if you are truly making an impact on this earth.

Things that I thought I knew and thought I wanted have significantly changed from five years ago. When I was younger, I was more into superficial things and now that has changed. I have realized that this life, my life is something to be extremely grateful for and in order to live a complete happy life – I have to be at peace with everything.

That journey to peace is not easy because there is always something in this world or in your personal life to get you down but I am trying to live a life that I can enjoy fully, each and every day.

I also learned that you might think you should accomplish something at a certain timeframe but the universe doesn’t think so. I have learned that I will accomplish my goals no matter what and I will work extremely hard to attain those goals and dreams but I shouldn’t rush it.

In a nutshell, I can’t complain. Like everyone, I would like more of something or something to happen right away but I’m grateful for the journey I am on now and I am grateful for the people who are along for the ride.


What are your thoughts on age?


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