Knitting is the Best Medicine

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There was a great article on CNN’s website on the importance of knitting and how the process can help your mental health. Knitting is very relaxing and it allows you to focus on one specific thing versus being anxious about things you can’t control or being worried about things to come. In the article, the subject, Sarah had a very difficult time dealing with the death of a loved one. The repetitive action of knitting allowed her to get through those difficult days and focus only on crafting.

Being a knitwear designer has changed my perception on the craft a little. Not only do I knit for myself now, I primarily knit for others and with that comes more responsibility and more joy.

I get the relaxing feeling when I knit but I get an even greater feeling knowing that I am knitting an item that is being sent to someone else. The CNN article continues to point out that knitting can be a possible natural anti-depressant and the action of knitting is similar to meditation.

Imagine, sitting in your home on a quiet Sunday morning, the sun shinning brightly into your living space. You sit there with a ball of yarn on one side and a pair of needles in your hands. Isn’t that an amazing feeling? Doesn’t it sound like your cares can just melt away?


What do you think about that CNN article on the power of knitting?


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