Reading About Knitting and Other Jazz

As a new designer, I’ve learned that it is very important to constantly learn. While I use my own knowledge and skills in knitting, I find that it is always a great idea to learn new techniques.

For the month of February, there are a few books that I am currently reading and exploring. Most of the books are about knitting and others are basic craft and general interest.

Take a look:


The Knitted Alphabet is a fun book about knitting alphabets on knitwear. This book is great because it teaches you how to knit alphabets right into your project, without using extra materials. It is a great read and I learned so much in the short time I have been exploring it.


Have you ever wanted to learn different stitches but were having difficulty finding new ones? This book is super helpful and I can’t wait to try some of the new stitches.


Occasionally, I like reading inspirational phrases and quotes. I find that inspirational quotes get me motivated and it gets me thinking about the future, life and new possibilities. Great Sayings is not a book to read from cover to cover, its just a book to flip through and find sayings that speak to you on any given day.

It is so much fun to share what I’m reading with you.

What have you been reading lately? What is on your ‘must-read’ list?

Forever grateful,



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