Hello February!!


The second month of the year is here and it is a new opportunity to make the most of everything. There is so much that I am continuing to learn about the handmade industry and my business that I have taken some time to do more research and really focus on making the best it can be.

I am currently designing the spring collection of French Soul Knittery knitwear and I hope that you love it. Being a designer is such a new thing for me that the journey is a combination of excitement and fright. I will write later in the month on the process of designing and the best approach that I have taken.

Personally, things are great and ever-changing. My husband and I just celebrated our wedding anniversary and we have planned so much for this year that sometimes its hard to focus on both professional and personal aspects of life.

To all my uber-busy people out there, how do you balance your professional and personal lives? Do you find that you sacrifice one for the other?

How is your February so far? What are your plans for the month? Is there anything exciting that you are looking forward to?

See you soon!



2 thoughts on “Hello February!!

  1. Ive been trying to learn how to “batch process” that is, taking one or two days a week to work my butt off on projects so that I feel productive for the week and free to work on projects around my home. I’ll still work throughout the week on my goal, but I try to get the bulk of my labor done on a “batch processing” day. You can google this phrase to learn more about it!! xo, Brittan

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