My 2014 Goals: Wake Up With The Sun

One of the things that I need most in my life is the ability to be more productive and make the most of my day. I have been reading countless articles that state the benefits of waking up early and taking control of your mornings. Mornings are so undervalued and we fail to take advantage of them. As stated in an earlier post, new years resolutions will not be made but goals will be put in place. One of my goals for 2014 is to wake up earlier and make the most of the hours when the sun shines the brightest.

Waking up at 6am seems to be very doable for me and it should be a new experience that I hope I enjoy. I have spent years being a night owl and I have found waking up in the mornings to be very difficult.

I think waking up early in the mornings will undoubtedly help me be more productive, will make me outline my goals more definitively and ensure that the most important tasks are completed earlier in the day.

I also believe that waking up early will benefit me as an entrepreneur. As a new business owner, I need all of the hours of the day to build and acquire interest. I hope that my early mornings will help my shop and myself as a business woman.

This new initiative should also reach all of you who are struggling to fit all of your tasks in and who desire to have more fruitful and productive lives.

Just imagine what we can do with a few more hours on this earth.

Here’s to waking up with the sun. Who’s with me?!



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