Getting Out Of My Comfort Zone

ImageI started my business because I want to take my life in my own hands and I wanted to honor a special person.  It has been a nervous yet exciting journey and I am loving every moment of it. Starting this business is taking me out of my comfort zone, forcing me to do something that I have never done before.

I decided to open French Soul Knittery because I wanted honor the memory of my grandmother and to fulfill a passion that I never knew I had because of her. Essentially, I am trying to get closer to her by knitting and creating pieces that I know she would love because she made knitwear that was full of joy and love.

Every time I got a piece from her, I remembered that joy I felt when I received it. I remembered the comfort it would provide and I felt so stylish when I used to wear it as a child. Now that she is just a memory, I am trying to hold on to those feelings and hopefully provide comfort and joy to others.

I design and create knitwear that is comfy, stylish and fun. I like things that are a bit oversized but still trendy. I enjoy plush scarves and hats.

I have been open for more than a month and I am forever grateful that people have taken interest in my love for knitting. I feel this constant joy of starting my own business and living out my destiny on my own terms.

I hope that you enjoy my pieces and take a few home with you. I truly enjoy creating each one and I truly hope you enjoy wearing them.

Check out French Soul Knittery here: Shop!

You can also find me at, on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest

Forever grateful for this journey,

-Ashley Leonard


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